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Strategic Planning

At Magenta Business Solutions our staff is composed of highly experienced consultants with significant multidisciplinary educational backgrounds at the graduate level.

We provide clients with Strategic Planning advice within the following areas:

    Strategic Planning

    Effective strategic planning is critical to market share growth and increased profits. These strategic planning services help you optimise your business strategy to advance your market position.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    We can help your team achieve a successful outcome by assisting with strategic planning, business intelligence and integration synergy on business mergers & acquisitions and sales.

    Market Research

    We offer a wide range of market research services which provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of every issue. We are equally skilled in industrial and consumer market research.

    Productivity & Efficiency Management

    Using the evaluation and planning tools which we have designed, as well as our vast experience consulting to service organisations, Magenta is able to give you an objective evaluation of your company’s service performance and recommend how it can be improved.

    Benchmarks & Best Practices

    Bench-marking is the process of comparing a company’s business processes and performance metrics (e.g., cost, cycle time, productivity or quality to industry or best practice standards, benchmarks.

    Systems Design, Evaluation, Specification & Selection

    Magenta is fully qualified to evaluate your services management systems including technology hardware and software and make recommendations to upgrade or replace them.


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