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Financial Advice

Throughout life, it’s everyone’s dream to be financially independent one day, when we can start each day with the freedom to live the life we want to live without the burden and worry of finances.

How We Can Help

At Magenta, we can help you achieve this dream. We work with our clients to understand their needs and develop custom strategies to enable them to achieve their goals and work towards being financially independent. We firmly believe that it’s not only about how much money you have or earn, but also what you do with it! No matter what age, occupation, current financial situation or any financial issue you may find yourself in, we endeavor to maximise your opportunities throughout life and help you resolve issues and regain control of your finances.

We provide clients with Financial advice through the three main channels:

Finance Advice - Magenta Bussines Solutions - Accounting Mildura

  • Financial Advice Helpline
  • Workplace Services
  • Strategic Financial Advice

    Our Financial Advice is holistic in nature and may include:

  • Wealth accumulation strategies
  • Wealth protection strategies
  • Intergenerational transfer of wealth


Contact us today for any enquiries or appointments on 03 5023 3392