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Administration & Human Resource Management

In the changing corporate environment, keeping your administrative systems aligned with your businesses structural and workforce connections can be challenging.

How We Can Help

A simple way of transforming your business processes can be by automating many office tasks ranging from data entry and payroll inquiries to benefits administration, business process outsourcing of HR services is a convenient, high-tech way to transform your HR functions without adding infrastructure, headcount, or cost. At Magenta Business Solutions, our Administration & Human Resource Management staff can assess your current situation, implement custom solutions and integrate the technology and processes that fulfil your requirements.

Our Administration & Human Resource Management staff provide services to:

HR Management - Magenta Business Solutions - Accounting Mildura

  • Simplify, standardise, and automate many time-consuming HR tasks.
  • Reduce administrative costs, improve employee satisfaction and reduce compliance risk through centralised and self-service transaction processing.
  • Realise more effective service delivery via partnerships with best-in-class vendors.
  • Increase HR impact and productivity by enabling in-house talent to focus on core business strategies.


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