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Taxation & Compliance

Whether your taxation needs are complex or straightforward the staff at Magenta Business Solutions can provide essential support to keep you on the right path and remain compliant.
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Business Establishment & Structure

Upon establishment of a business it is important to set up the appropriate structure that will suit your business requirements. Magenta Business Solutions can give you advice on new and existing structures and assist with all of your ASIC, trust and business registration requirements.
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Business Consulting

Take control of your business with a consultation from Magenta Business Solutions. We can give you a new perspective on the running of your business by offering advice in the event that a business may require restructuring or financial advice to help further develop the business and ensure it is achieving its full potential.
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Financial Advice

Magenta Business Solutions can assist with all aspects of financial advice whether it is in regards to budgeting, cash-flow, equipment or business finance. Should I use a lease, chattel mortgage or personal loan? Finance can be an overwhelming aspect of running your business, lets us take the stress away and assist you with any financial enquiries you may have.
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Bookkeeping is often a tedious and time-consuming task for all business owners. At Magenta Business Solutions, we believe that the countless hours spent entering data, reconciling bank accounts and processing payroll would be time better spent working on the business. Our bookkeeping staff can assist with all bookkeeping and use software called Xero, which ensures all bookkeeping is completed accurately and efficiently.
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Administration and Human Resource Management

There is a lot to know when it comes to employment compliance, conditions and labour laws. Whether you employ a single person or a small nation, Magenta Business Solutions can ensure your administration and human resource management is managed within the boundaries of the law. We also specialise and assist in the new requirements in relation to foreign workers and can help ensure that you comply with current legislation.
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Strategic Planning

Magenta Business Solutions and our strategic partners can assist in determining your businesses: mission, vision, values, objectives, goals, timelines, roles and responsibilities. It is simply another management tool we offer to help your business run more efficiently. With a Magenta Strategic Manager in place your business gains a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organisation is, what it does, how it does it with a focused plan to the future.
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