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At Magenta Business Solutions we provide immigration verification and work checks to assist businesses and employers in ensuring they remain complaint and only employ legal workers within the VEVO system. Magenta Business Solutions is VEVO accredited with the service being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VEVO is an online government service that allows employers, labour suppliers and other organisations to easily check if non-citizen employees have permission to work. Penalties do apply in the instance that a business or employer allows or refers an unlawful non-citizen to work or a lawful non-citizen to work in breach of a visa condition that limits or restricts work.

In partnership with VEVO, we have all the essential foundations covered at Magenta when employing non-citzens.


    What does VEVO do?

    Visa holders, who do not have a label in their passport, can confirm their current visa details.

    VEVO provides the following information about your current visa status:

  • Your Visa class and subclass
  • Your Visa grant and expiry dates
  • Your Visa grant number
  • Entries allowed
  • All conditions applicable to your visa

    Who can use this service?

  • Visa Holders are eligible to use VEVO services.
  • Registered Migration Agents (RMAs) can use the VEVO service.
  • Organisations wishing to verify visa entitlements can use the VEVO service.
  • Only holders of non-Australian passports can be checked in VEVO.

    What is needed to use this service?

    VEVO enquiries can be made online. You must have a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) or password, along with your:

  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Country of Passport