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Magenta Business Solutions was successfully established by Jeremy Burns, Matt Penny and Rohan Wass.

Magenta Business Solutions was established in July 2013, by local people with local knowledge, accomplished accreditations, previous experience within existing accounting businesses in Mildura and the realisation that there was a large gap within the SME business advice landscape. After coming to this realisation, it was then decided by Rohan, Jeremy and Matt that they could build a unique and dynamic accounting business providing services such as: Bookkeeping, HR Managers, Accountants, Finance and Payroll all under the same roof.

At Magenta Business Solutions we provide a fresh approach to business management that enables you to take your business to new heights. Our method is simple: we combine expertise, technology & local knowledge to provide a premium business management service to give your business an edge.

With qualified expertise ranging from accounting, finance, bookkeeping, HR and payroll, we are confident that at Magenta Business Solutions we can assist you with all of your business needs by implementing world class business management programs that help us help you to improve efficiency and make your life easier. Since establishment, combining all of these services under the same roof has not only enabled us to provide premium service to our clients, but also convenience. Whether you are a small business after a new direction, a start-up wanting to lay the right foundations or a sole trader/individual – we can help you!


Jeremy Burns
Jeremy - Magenta Solutions - Mildura Accounting
Matt Penny
Matt - Magenta Solutions - Mildura Accounting
Rohan Wass
Rohan - Magenta Solutions - Mildura Accounting